Reception and Awards Presentation - August 3, 2017

at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum  in Las Cruces, NM

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The 2017 Fort Concho Opening Reception Greeter

Members of the American Plains Artists

in attendance

Entry Door to the Farm  Ranch Heritage Museum

Show Chairman Judy McElroy

welcoming the patrons and artists to the opening reception



Guests, Patrons and Artists



Guests, Patrons and Artists


Neil Fuller, President of Friends of New Mexico Farm Ranch Heritage Museum

APA  Member Mary Michael and Juror

Alfredo Rodriguez

Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Sculptures

Mary Michael, Judy McElroy, Dave Lundy, Rafael Torres, Connie Anaya and Alfredo Rodriguez

Plants from the Museum Garden

APA Show Ad in front of the Museum


Dinner after the Reception - Resource - Photo Op Tours - Las Cruces, NM

August 3-5 2017

Old Mesilla - Farmers Market and Crafts Fair  

St. Clair Winery and Bistro - Double Eagle Bar and Restaurant -

Flora of New Mexico


Dinner after the Reception at the

Cattle Baron Restaurant


 Dinner at the Cattle Baron Restaurant

Alfredo Rodriguez, Cliff and Betty Barnes

Chris Lange, Bill Scheidt, Jay Hester and Gary Byrd

Cliff and Betty Barnes, Pam Bunch and Coy Ziehe

Coy Ziehe, Sue and Dick Mueller

Jay Hester, Gary Byrd and Gary and Lisa Ward Carol, Jack Moss, TW Vanya, Alfredo Rodriguez , Cliff and Betty Barnes Alfredo Rodriguez and Mary Michael
Old Mesilla - Farmers Market and Crafts Fair


Older building in Old Mesilla

Plaza in Old Mesilla

Mary Michael shopping in one of the many shops in Old Mesilla

Gateways and prickly pear in Old Mesilla

La Posta in Old Mesilla

Cliff  Barnes, Mary Parminter, Mary Michael, Alfredo Rodriguez and Judy McElroy enjoy lunch

Musicians at Farmers Market

Farmers Market and Crafts Fair

Double Eagle Restaurant

Double Eagle Peppers Room

Chris and Rick in the Peppers Room at the Double Eagle Restaurant and Bar

St. Clair Winery and Bistro in Mesilla, NM

Grape vines in the vineyard

Supper at St. Clair  Judy McElroy, Alfredo Rodriguez, Mary Michael, Chris and Rick Lange and Mary Parminter

Plant Life in and around Las Cruces, NM

Cows Tongue Cactus in Mesilla, NM

Cactus in the Museum Garden

Mary Michael admiring the Prickly Pear Cactus

Desert Bird of Paradise

Last but not Least, the U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint

Upon Leaving Las Cruces, NM

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