American Plains Artists 32nd Annual Juried Exhibit - Art of the Plains 2017

Please follow instructions carefully to submit your entry via email along with your images.

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Art of the Plains 2017

Over $17,000.00 in Awards

American Plains Artists Thirty-second Annual Juried Exhibit & Sale

New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

4100 Dripping Springs Road - Las Cruces, NM 88011

August 3 - November 5, 2017

Awards Juror



For Alfredo Rodríguez, painting was as much a part of his childhood development as learning to walk and speak. Some of his earliest memories are of illustrating classroom assignments and painting portraits of family members with one of his earliest gifts, a set of watercolors from his mother at the age of six.

A professional artist since 1968, Alfredo Rodríguez is enjoying international recognition of both private and corporate art collectors, as well as wide critical acclaim. He is internationally recognized for his outstanding paintings of the American West. His rich and vivid images of mountains, deserts, and Indian villages are admired wherever they are displayed, but it is his portrayal of the inhabitants of the land that provides the focal point of his work. As he paints he captures the dignity of the human spirit elevated by the majestic beauty of their surroundings. He has come a long way from such a humble beginning, yet the critics believe that his masterful treatment of the American West is largely responsible for his success.

Alfredo has exhibited at several important invitational art shows around the country, including the "Masters of the American West" at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, California. Alfredo also displays his work at the Trailside Galleries in Jackson, Wyoming and Scottsdale, Arizona, Settlers West Galleries in Tucson, Arizona and Hueys Fine Art, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To learn more about Mr. Rodriguez go to

About APA and the Theme of the Exhibit

The American Plains Artists or APA was first organized in 1982 as a small group of artists who banded together to highlight through their art, the variety to be found in the vast region known as the American Plains. Today, the APA has expanded into a nonprofit organization with a membership consisting of both signature and associate members. The goals have remained the same, to educate the public through traditional and representational art works about the American Plains region including the landscape, wildlife, peoples and way of life in historical or modern times. Works submitted for the juried show must reflect this theme. Review the website for more info.


Best of Show $2,000.00

1st Place Award $1,000.00 2nd Place Award $750.00 3rd Place Award $500.00

Clyde Heron Award (the most accurately rendered artwork of an historical subject) $250.00

Plainsman Award (People’s Choice) – $250.00

Golden Spur Award (Artists’ Choice) – $250.00

Arrowhead Award (Facility's Board Member’s Choice) – $250.00

 Best Plains People – $200.00   Best Plains Church – $200.00

These are two new awards to encourage diversity of subject matter in artwork.

These two awards will change yearly.

New Mexico Award – a one-year subscription to New Mexico Magazine

and a copy of Hillerman Country: A Journey Through the Southwest with Tony Hillerman

by New Mexico Author Tony Hillerman and his brother, Photographer Barney Hillerman

****All of the awards above and all ribbons are given by the American Plains Artists***

Publisher’s Award of Excellence – Digital Ad sponsored by  Fine Art Connoisseur $750.00 value

Publisher’s Award of Excellence – One-Third Page Ad sponsored by Art of the West $1,185.00 value

Publisher's Award of Excellence – Artist's Focus Award sponsored by Western Art Collector $3,400.00 value

Publisher’s Award of Excellence – Full Page Ad sponsored by Western Art & Architecture $4,950.00 value

    Artist’s Retreat Award – given by Our Heritage Guest Ranch, Jean Norman, Owner, Crawford, NE $400.00 value

Sculpture Supplies Award – given by Sculpture Depot Loveland, CO --

Karen Richardson, Owner – Two $150.00 Gift Certificates

Canvas Panels Award – given by SourceTek Scottsdale, AZ –

JoAnne Pierce, Owner – Two Award Packages

Fine Print Award – given by Fine Print Imaging, Fort Collins, CO $150. 00 Gift Certificate

Award of Excellence –a one-year subscription to Western Art & Architecture given by Western Art & Architecture

                                                                                                                         Art Purchases  

Sales commission of 30% will apply and will benefit the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

Jury Process via Digital Entries

Initial jurying will be from the submitted Digital Entries sent via email. To enter digitally, go to the Call for Entries Page on the APA website then click on the 2017 Digital Entry Form link. Submitted entries will be reviewed by a panel of APA Signature Members on the aesthetic and technical skills of the artist in depicting the theme of the Great Plains. Awards juror Alfredo Rodriguez will choose works to receive awards after viewing the original works selected for inclusion in the exhibit.


Open to artists working in any traditional 2D or 3D fine art media in a realistic or representational manner reflecting the theme of the American Plains completed within the last three years, original work only and not previously shown in an Annual Juried APA Show. No photography or computer generated art accepted. We must have both the image size of the artwork itself and the outside dimensions of the frame. The maximum size for 2D work is 1564 square inches including the outside dimension of the frame. An example of that is a 24" x 36" artwork with a five inch frame. Sculpture would be of moderate size and not exceed 100 pounds. Artwork must represent the theme of the show. All works must be for sale, with a 30% commission collected on all sales.

NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES’ ARTISTS: Due to the difficulties in returning unsold artworks to artists who live outside the USA borders, our neighboring countries’ artists are required to make arrangements to have their artwork return-shipped to a gallery near the border in the USA or to a friend within the USA. It will be the responsibility of the neighboring countries’ artists to pick up their artwork from that gallery or friend in the USA or make arrangements with the gallery or friend in the USA to get their artwork returned across the border.

Note: Shipping information

Accepted artists will be sent specific instructions in their acceptance letter for the shipment/delivery of artwork to the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum. However, artists should be aware that they are responsible for all shipping costs to and from the museum and that there is a $20 fee per crate/box.  Art should be sent in sturdy reusable containers. Do Not use Styrofoam peanuts of any kind, bubblewrap is recommended. Accepted artists will pay $20.00 to Friends of NMF&RHM per crate/box for unboxing/uncrating and reboxing/recrating their artwork. It should be sent at the time the artists ship their work. If a new box or extra bubblewrap, etc. is needed to be purchased to re-pack the artwork, then a fee will be charged in addition to the $20.00 boxing fee. All artwork must be sent and returned by Fed Ex or UPS paid by the artist. A pre-paid completed return label will be required by the end of the show.

NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES’ ARTISTS see additional note under "Eligibility".


                                                                                       2017 Calendar


1. Deadline for digital entries: May 13, 2017

2. Acceptance Letters will be mailed on or before: June 7th

3. Accepted work should be shipped to arrive: June 26th-30th

4. Hand Delivery of Work: Make an appointment in advance with Holly—

Call or email her at 575-522-4100 or         June 26th-30th

5. Show Open to the Public:     Aug. 3-Nov. 5th

6. Opening Reception              Aug. 3rd – 5:30-8 PM

7. Closing of the Show, New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum      Nov. 5th

8. Pickup of Unsold Hand-Delivered Artwork: Make an appointment in advance with Holly—

   Call or email her at 575-522-4100 or        Nov. 27-Dec. 1st, 9AM to 5 PM

9. Return Shipping of Unsold Artwork: November 27–December 8th

Questions? View website FAQ at or send an email to one of the following:

Judy McElroy, APA Show Chairperson:

Fritzi Heron, APA Secretary:

If someone needs to make special arrangements they should call:

Holly Radke – Collection Manager and Registrar

New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

Phone: (575) 522-4100




Entry Procedure

 Go to the 2017 Digital Entry Form below to e-mail your images and information.

You may copy and paste this form into your computer email and fill it out.

Please be sure and complete the Entry Form in its entirety

  • Attach the digital images you wish to submit with the following digital image guidelines.

  • Image Specifications: Digital files should be no larger than 600 pixels on the longest side and no smaller than 300 dpi resolution. The file names should follow the following format so it corresponds with the entry form. It should include your  last name, first initial and number in the order listed on the entry form. Example: DoeJ1.jpg - DoeJ2.jpg - DoeJ3.jpg  If you are submitting 3D work and need to send one extra view of the same entry your files would look like this for your 1st entry. DoeJ1.jpg - DoeJ1a.jpg

    Once you have completed the entry form, and attached your files, send the email. Please make sure that the "Send To" field contains the following email addresses:,, and . Your files will be sent to the APA webmaster, secretary and computer programmer.

     In addition, please send your entry fee by check, payable to American Plains Artists in the amount of $70.00 (this covers up to three entries $35.00 and membership $35.00, if you have already paid your membership fee, you may omit this charge) along with, a #10 SASE for notification to:


    Fritzi Heron, APA Secretary

  • PO Box 14607

  • Odessa, TX 79768


                No digital entries accepted after this date, May 13, 2017



    Art of the Plains 2017

    American Plains Artists Thirty-Second Annual Juried Exhibit & Sale

    New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

    4100 Dripping Springs Road – Las Cruces, NM  88011


    Please Print or Type:






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     Daytime Phone:(              )                        Evening Phone:(              )                        


     Email:                                                            Website:                                                      


    Digital Entries 


    l. Title:____________________________________            Medium:______________________________


    Artwork Dimensions:_______________________                Outside Frame Dimensions:________________


    Price/Ins .Value:___________________________   


    2. Title:____________________________________            Medium:_______________________________


     Artwork Dimensions :______________________                 Outside Frame  Dimensions:________________


     Price/Ins. Value:___________________________


    3. Title:____________________________________            Medium:_______________________________


    Artwork Dimensions :______________________                 Outside Frame Dimensions:_________________


    Price/Ins. Value:___________________________            


    Check List:


    ___   Completed Entry Form 

             $70.00 Fee for 1-3 digital entries--includes membership of $35.00 and $35.00 entry fee (or just send $35 entry fee if your membership fee

              was paid earlier in the year) -- Payable to:  American Plains Artists,  c/o Fritzi Heron, APA Secretary, PO Box 14607, Odessa, TX 79768  


              And a Self Addressed Stamped #10 envelope


    Non-Liability- The American Plains Artists, NMF&RHM, sponsors, agents or employees shall not be liable for loss or damage to any works of art entered. All artwork will be insured by the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum once it is on their premises and until it leaves their premises.  It is recommended you carry your own private insurance, as well as during transit of your art to and from the exhibit. Any claims for damage, or other loss, will be made with your shipping carrier and your insurance by you, the artist. It is understood that once an artist has work juried into the show, it must be sent to the show for exhibit.  If it sells prior to the show, the artist will pay the commission to Friends of NMF&RHM and honor his/her commitment to show the work at the NMF&RHM. The sales commission for this show is 30% going to the NMF&RHM. Artists get 70% of the sale.  Monies will be paid to the artist when received monies clear the bank.  All artwork must remain in the show until the show closes--No Early Releases.  Participation shows that the entrant understands and accepts this clause and conditions as stated.


    Signature:                                                                                Date: