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Table of Contents

  1. What is the geographic area of the American Plains?
  2. What subjects are appropriate for the APA juried art show?
  3. What are the membership levels for APA?
  4. What steps do I take to enter the juried art show?
  5. What is the jury process?
  6. Where is the art show held?

What is the geographic area of the American Plains?

The Great Plains stretches westward from the Missouri River at Omaha and Kansas City to the Rocky Mountains, and northward from the Texas Panhandle into the Canadian Prairie Provinces. Map 1   Map 2   Map 3

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What subjects are appropriate for the APA juried art show?

Any subject that can relate in one way or another to the Great Plains, historically or modern day is appropriate. It can include the land, (see the above topic) people including the life they live or lived such as the Native Plains Indians, Pioneer life. Also the wildlife of the region from prairie mice to bison. For other ideas review the LINKS page for additional resources

Additional Resources:  

Map of Elk Range both historical and modern day

Map of Native American Tribes of North America

List of Native American Tribes of the Plains

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What are the membership levels for APA? 

There are two primary levels of membership. Associate and Signature. The Associate Membership is acquired by paying annual dues, currently $35.00 and may be paid at any time of the year.  However, they must be paid prior to submitting an entry into our Annual Juried Show. Associate and Signature members receive all newsletters, invitations and show prospectus. Signature Membership which is limited to 30 artists involves first an invitation from the Executive Committee to qualifying Associate Members, explaining the benefits and added responsibilities associated with Signature status. Only Associate Members who have been juried into three annual membership shows and are in good standing will be considered. Acceptance and confirmation of Signature status allows the artist to use the APA designation on their artwork as well as being eligible to hold office. Vacancies in the Signature Membership will be filled only after reviewing the Associate Membership records to see who may qualify and an invitation to Signature Membership has been issued by the Executive Committee. If Signature Membership is declined, then another qualifying artist may be contacted.  Signature Members will be required to pay their dues by January 1st of each year beginning with January 1, 2018.

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What steps do I take to enter the juried art show?

You will first need to obtain a current prospectus by printing it from this website, or you may request one by sending a #10 SASE to: American Plains Artists, c/o J.I.McElroy, 11730 RD 40, Gurley, NE 69141. Please read the instructions carefully in the prospectus as changes are made from show to show.


There is a fee associated with entering and a typical entry will be $70.00 payable to American Plains Artists and includes a one year membership of $35.00 and the jury fee of $35.00 for 1-3 digital entries of the art pieces you are entering. The show is open to artists working in any Traditional/Representational  2D or 3D fine art media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing media, mixed media, pastel, sculpture media, bronze, wood, stone etc.) in a realistic or representational manner reflecting the theme of the American Plains. (See related FAQ on subjects appropriate) Work submitted should have been completed within the last 3 years and not previously shown in the APA Annual Juried Show. No photography or computer generated art accepted.

 Please note there is an exception. For artists submitting sculpture (3D) you may submit more than 1-3 images to adequately represent 1-3 entries, such as a front view, side view and a close up. 
Also included in your entry will need to be a #10 SASE with enough postage for return of your letter of notification and membership card.

There is an additional $20.00 uncrating/re-crating and storage fee per crate paid only if your art work is selected and you will be shipping your art. Please note that this fee is waived if you will be hand delivering your artwork to the exhibit site. However, this makes you responsible for picking up your artwork at the conclusion of the show. If you cannot and your work  has to be stored for any length of time then the handling fee will need to be paid.  

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What is the jury process?

The initial jury of slides will be by a panel of APA signature members. After notification of accepted entries into the show the actual art will then be juried for awards prior to the opening reception, generally by a noted artist of reputable merit. In the past such artists have included:  Scott Christensen, Howard Rogers, Cyrus Afsary, Joseph Bohler, Cowboy Artist of America member Wayne Baize, Cowboy Artist of America member Roy Andersen, Joe Anna Arnett, Don Dernovich,  Curator of the Great Plains Art Museum Reese Summers, Richard Iams, Gallery Owner Richard Folger, Allan J. Duerr, Robert "Shoofly Shufelt,  Tony Eubanks  John Coleman  Tom Tierney and Garland Weeks.  The 2017 awards juror is Alfredo Rodriquez.
 Cash awards include Best of Show, First, Second and Third place. The amount of the awards will be listed in the prospectus. Awards of Excellence  are given at the jurors discretion and do not have a cash value. Additional awards may or may not be available and APA does not have awards for separate media categories at this time. All our jurors past and present have done a wonderful job and have selected a variety of works and media to receive awards.

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Where is the art show held?

The 2017 American Plains Artists 32nd Annual Juried Show will be held at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

4100 Dripping springs Road Las Cruces, NM 88011

August 3 - November 5, 2017.  The Reception, Announcement of Awards, Meet the Artists will be Thursday August 3, 2017 from 5:30 - 8:00


Previous exhibits have been shown at the Haley Library and History Center , Ellen Noel Art Museum , Museum of the Southwest , Kwahadi Kiva Museum ,  Great Plains Art Museum Loch Vale Fine Art GalleryKerr Art and Culture Center Fort Concho National Historic Landmark , Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum and the Preserving Arts in the Osage.   All of these venues have contributed to the success of our shows and APA thanks them for their support.


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