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2017 Officers of APA

                                                                                                                                     President                  Steven Napper

                                                                                                                                     Vice President          Alice Leese

                                                                                                                                     Secretary                  Fritzi Heron

                                                                                                                                     Treasurer                  Marvin Stevenson



The American Plains Artists Charter Members

The American Plains Artists or APA was first organized in 1982 as a small group of artists who banded together to highlight through their art, the variety to be found in the vast region known as the American Plains.  The following artists were at the first meeting of the APA that was held in Denver City, Texas, and they became the Charter Members of this organization.

Herb Bryant     Bill Craig     Bob Chennault     Ann Hartman


Jammey Huggins     Ginnie Seifert     Marvin Stevenson     Lovella Todd



The American Plains Artists Signature Members

Signature Membership which is limited and involves first an invitation from the Executive Committee to qualifying Associate Members, explaining the benefits and added responsibilities associated with Signature status. Only Associate Members who have been juried into three annual membership shows and are in good standing will be considered. Acceptance and confirmation of Signature status allows the artist to use the APA designation on their artwork as well as being eligible to hold office.  The following artists have achieved this status.

   Kathy Anderson    Cliff Barnes   Pam Bunch    Bob Coffee    Barbara S. Edwards   

Glen Edwards   Jean G. Green    Debra J. Groesser    Fritzi Heron    M.S. Hollis    Jammey Huggins    

Mike Irvin    H. R. Kaiser   Mary Lambeth    Alice Leese    Carol Lundeen   Mike Mahon    

 J. I. McElroy    Judith Moore-Knapp    Steven Napper    Eileen Nistler    Anne Peyton    Barron Postmus   

 Cheryl Roush    Ken Rowland    Tamara Rymer    Bill Scheidt     William A. Schneider     Marvin Stevenson    

 Sherry Blanchard Stuart    Cecy Turner   Burneta Venosdel    Don Weller 

The American Plains Artists Emeritus Members

Emeritus Membership is an honorary membership for individuals who are  artists, but are not part of the artist membership. This may be conferred by the membership with nomination and a majority vote of members present at the annual meeting.  This catagory of membership is a way of recognizing individuals for outstanding service in advancing the purpose of the APA.

All of the following artists were Signature Artists of the APA and contributed immensely to this organization.

Clyde Heron     Karen Brown     Helen Clements    Barbara Earwood     Ann Lane    Dawn Weimer

The American Plains Artists Associate Members

Associate Membership is acquired by paying fees as set in the APA Administrative Policies.  These members will

receive all newsletters, invitations and show prospectus.  They are as follows:


 Kristen Abramson   Matt Atkinson   Mary Ann Bartman   Victor Blakey    Gary Byrd   Keoni Carlson


Pat Carney  Susan Carson   Mary Ann Cherry   Patrick "Pat" Childress   Beth Cole 


Patrice Dello-Russo   David Dorsey   Jess Drake   Will Ersland   Yvonne Evans   Joseph Fama 


Freda de Odis Flatt   Jan Fontecchio   Tim Goss   Linda Gulinson   Terry Hager   Sarah Harless 


Tim Harmon   Jay Hester  Helen Howerton   Jennifer Hunter   Sandy Ingram   Andrew Knez Jr. 


Patsy E. Lane   Chris Lange   Skeeter Leard   Patsy Lindamood   Dana Cook Lombardo   Karla Brady Massingill   


Michael Melson    Mary Michael    Layne Mills   Carolyn Mock  Pat Moberley Moore   Rita Morris  


Jack Moss   Dick Mueller   Michael Nail   Mejo Okon   Judy Osburn    Mary Lou Pape    Charlene Parenteau  


Karen Petrovich   Bob Rea   Daniel Rolf   Drew Sarka   Gerry Schapleski   Melody Sears   Kathy Sigle


 Sandy Sliger   Louise Thies   T. W. Vanya   Terri Wagner   Carlene C. Wallace   Paul Walsh   Phyllis Waltman  


Gary Ward   Jill Westbrook   Pamela Winters   Bennie Woods 



You may become an associate member of the American Plains Artist by contacting


Fritzi Heron, APA Secretary/Treasurer by email: Fritzi Heron, APA Secretary:<heronartconnection@sbcglobal.net>

Although you may join at any time, the yearly dues are payable each year at the time of entry into the yearly show. 

The yearly dues are $35.00  and you must send your name, mailing address, email address, phone number,  and check  to:


American Plains Artists c/o Fritzi Heron APA  Secretary/Treasurer  PO Box 14607 Odessa, Texas  79768








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