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Art of the Plains Exhibit

The Current Status of entering our show is currently CLOSED.

2018 Information will be available sometime in March and then open for entry.

However, please feel free to browse through the following information tabs. When available for show entry, the status will be updated to OPEN.  If you wish to be notified for updates and news from APA, please subscribe to our email list. Subscribe   

Please read the information carefully in each tab below.

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APA Juried Show Entry Information

The American Plains Artists National Juried Show is open to all artists 18 yrs of age and older working in any traditional 2D or 3D fine art media in a realistic or representational manner. No photography or computer generated art will be accepted. For our artists living outside the United States along border countries, please see the Neighbor Countries tab for specific information regarding the return of unsold artworks after the show.

Other Requirements

  1. Original works only,  completed within the past 3 years
  2. Not previously shown in an annual APA Juried Show
  3. Reflect either alone or in combination the land, people, life or wildlife of the American Great Plains region in a historical or modern day setting. To learn more about this region and to get a little inspiration, please see our Education page!
  4. Maximum size for 2D works including frame is 1564 square inches. This is equivalent to a 24x36 image size with a 5 inch frame.
  5. 3D works/sculpture should be moderate in size and not exceed 100 pounds.
  6. All works must be for sale. Please see the Responsibility tab for more information regarding this.
  7.  All members must sign up to receive emails. Please use the online form by clicking  here to receive communications from us.
The American Plains Artists can only return ship to addresses within the United States, due to the difficulties and logistics in returning unsold artworks to artists living outside the USA borders. Therfore, our artist friends in neighboring countries will need to make arrangements to have their artwork return-shipped to an address within the United States such as a gallery or friend. It will be the responsibility of the artist to make further arrangements with the gallery or friend in the USA to get your artwork returned across the border.

2018 Information

Non-Liability: The American Plains Artists, sponsors, agents or employees shall not be liable for loss or damage to any works of art entered. Although due care will be employed in handling your art.

  • All artwork will be insured by Fort Concho NHL once it is on their premises and until it leaves the premises.
  • It is recommended you carry your own private insurance against loss or damage including transit of your art to and from the exhibit. Each artist is responsible for initiating any and all claims with their shipping carrier or insurance.
  • If your work is chosen for exhibit it must be shown as you are committing yourself by a digitally signed entry form agreement  to exhibit your artwork. If you sell your work slated for exhibit prior to the show, you will be required to remit the commission fee. The commission fee is 30% or your retail price with 15% to the APA and 15% to Fort Concho NHL.
  • Failure to comply with this could result in termination of your membership and forfeit inclusion in any future show. Please communicate with us if you encounter some unexpected and extreme event (natural disaster) that impacts your participation in the show.

SALES: Artists receive 70% of the sale and will be remitted when the received monies clear the bank. All artwork must remain in the show until the show closes--No Early Releases.

Participation shows that the entrant understands and accepts this clause and conditions as stated.

The following dues and fees are associated with becoming a member along with entry to our Juried Exhibit.
    • Annual Membership: $35 per year paid in January of each year for all current signature and associate members. (If you are a new artist, you may become an associate member at anytime; however, membership dues are paid in January each year or at the time of our annual show.)
    • Show entry only: $35 for current members who have already paid their annual dues for the year prior to the show, then you will select this option.
    • For New Artists Membership only No entry: $35 per year. You will pay this option if you wish to become a member at the time of our show, but will not be entering the show.
    • For New Artists Membership plus entry: $70. You will select this option if you are paying your membership dues and will be submitting work for jurying in our annual show.
  • Other fees: A crating/uncrating fee of $20 will be assessed for each shipping box. This will be paid via check and included with your shipment, generally made payable to the host facility. This info will be updated here.
  • All Membership and Jury Fees must be paid prior to filling out the digital entry form.
If you wish to make your payment by check, please mail your check Payable to American Plains Artists to:

American Plains Artists

c/o Fritzi Heron APA Secretary

PO Box 14607, Odessa, TX 79768

For a receipt please include a SASE.

Accepted artists for the 2018 National Juried Show, will be sent specific instructions in their acceptance letter for the shipment/delivery of artwork to our show host, Fort Concho National Historic Landmark in San Angelo, TX.

  • Artists are responsible for all shipping costs to and from the museum.
  • Art should be sent in sturdy reusable containers.
  • Do Not use Styrofoam peanuts of any kind, bubblewrap is recommended.
  • Please use either Fed Ex or UPS for shipping to and from the exhibit. A pre-paid completed return label will be required by the end of the show. Information will be included in your acceptance letter.
  • There is a $20 fee per crate/box for unpacking and repacking before and after the show payable to Fort Concho NHL. Please include this payment with your shipment.
  • If a shipping box is damaged during transit to the show and a new box or extra packing materials is needed to safely re-pack  your artwork, then an additional fee will be charged to cover the purchase cost of the new materials.
  • For artists shipping outside the U.S. please see the NEIGHBOR COUNTRIES tab for specific information.

Initial jurying for show inclusion, will be from the Digital Entries submitted using our online entry form.

  • Each work will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of APA signature members on the aesthetic and technical skills of the artist in depicting the theme of the Great Plains. (Quality is important in your digital image files. To assist you, please see our video guide tab to properly prepare your digital artwork file for entry.)
  • No separate awards are given for different media categories.
  • Accepted entries will be juried for awards prior to the opening reception. Information on the awards juror will be updated here. The 2017 juror was artist Alfredo Rodriguez.

The following are typical cash awards given at our National Juried Show. Cash and merchandise awards are subject to change from year to year and will be updated here.

In 2017, over $17,000.00 was given in awards and merchandise.

Best of Show $2,000.00

1st Place Award $1,000.00

2nd Place Award $750.00

3rd Place Award $500.00

Clyde Heron Award (the most accurately rendered artwork of an historical subject) $250.00

Plainsman Award (People’s Choice) – $250.00

Golden Spur Award (Artists’ Choice) – $250.00

Arrowhead Award (Facility's Board Member’s Choice) – $250.00

Your Digital images should have a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) and a 700 pixel width on the longest side (horizontal or vertical) and kept under 3MB in file upload. Most smartphone cameras are 72 dpi so will not be adequate for submitting to our show. Please check the settings on your digital camera for resolution size. (dpi) To assist you in preparing your digital entry, please see our video guide tab for a presentation on how to properly prepare your digital entry. Please follow the guidelines presented in the video.

Each file name should follow the example format.

  • Last Name, First Name Title of art Size Media $price
  • Example: Doeartist, John Kansas Skies 16x20 Oil $1000.00

For 3D artists you may submit one or two additional images such as a side and back view or detail image to represent one entry. Your file name format will be:

  • Doeartist, John Bronc Rider 15Hx10Lx10D Bronze $2000.00
  • Doeartist, John Bronc Rider side view 15Hx10Lx10D Bronze
  • Doeartist, John Bronc Rider detail 15Hx10Lx10D Bronze


Please watch the following video guide tutorial on how to properly prepare your digital image file for entry to our National Juried Show. Review the Image Specifications tab for official image specs as information presented in the video may change. If your image is already at 300dpi the first part of the video will help you to simply resize your photo while additional guidelines are addressed to alter the dpi if your image dpi is too low or too high.

Free Photo Editing Software

Click the links below to visit the photo software websites.

Both of these software have quite a bit of photo editing capabilities for sharpening your image, contrast, color adjustment etc., it will be up to you to familiarize yourself with either one of these programs functionality and advanced features if so desired.

This page will be updated soon with entry dates and deadlines

 For a printable PDF Prospectus for all of the above information please Click Here. (available for 2018 entry)

Art of the Plains Entry Form



Describe your artwork medium as oil, watercolor, bronze, wood sculpture etc.
Please include image size and framed dimensions. ( 24x36 | 32x44) For 3D work please include height, length, and depth.
Please include your retail price for artwork and an insurance value.
Describe your artwork medium as oil, watercolor, bronze, wood sculpture etc.
Please include image size and framed dimensions. ( 24x36 | 32x44) For 3D work please include height, length, and depth.
Please include your retail price for artwork and an insurance value.
Describe your artwork medium as oil, watercolor, bronze, wood sculpture etc.
Please include image size and framed dimensions. ( 24x36 | 32x44) For 3D work please include height, length, and depth.
Please include your retail price for artwork and an insurance value.

FILE UPLOADS FOR 2D WORK. Please upload in the order of your entries.

FILE UPLOADS FOR 3D WORK. Please upload in the order of your entries.

Please type in your name. This will serve as your digital signature and that you have read and agreed to all the terms for entering our show.

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