Friends of the American Plains Artists

wonderful venues

Our Exhibit hosts

Quality.  In a word, that describes the various locations across sections of the Plains that the American Plains Artists have had the privilege of showing in.

These wonderful facilities have contributed much to the enjoyment and aesthetics of our National Juried Events and the APA expresses their gratitude for their services.

If you know of a facility that may be interested in hosting an APA event, please  contact us.

Amazing Sponsors

Contributing to our success

Like many organizations, its success is often a reflection of the support they get from their sponsors. The outstanding support given to the APA by our sponsors has added value and prestige to the organization, but also to our artist members.

The APA thanks all these businesses and individuals past and present in providing materials and value to the awards given in our National Juried Show.

Here are just a few more of our Sponsors whom we’d like to acknowledge:

Award Jurors

Artists of Distinction

The American Plains Artists have had the joyful privilege of working with numerous individuals and artists of distinction who have provided their trained eye in selecting a variety of works to receive awards in our National Juried Exhibit. We thank them for the wonderful job and contribution of their time.

Here is a list of previous jurors:

  • Scott Christensen
  • Howard Rogers
  • Cyrus Afsary
  • Joseph Bohler
  • Wayne Baize CA
  • Roy Andersen CA
  • Joe Anna Arnett
  • Don Dernovich
  • Reese Summers (Curator Great Plains Art Museum)
  • Richard Iams
  • Richard Folger (Folger Gallery)
  • Allan J. Duerr (Art of the West Magazine)
  • Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt
  • Tony Eubanks
  • John Coleman
  • Tom Tierney (Art of the West Magazine)
  • Garland Weeks
  • Alfredo Rodriguez
  • Shannon Hanna (R.S. Hanna Art Gallery)
  • Sonya Terpening


Fort Concho San Angelo Texas

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark San Angelo, TX

Host for our 2020 National Juried Show

Wayne Baize CA, 2020 Awards Juror

Wayn Baize Artist